TradeSmartWeb eManifest
Facilitating business at the border

TradeSmartWeb eManifest portal is an ACI eManifest solution designed to simplify and expedite cargo movements across the Canadian border. It provides a direct connection to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for submission of conveyance and cargo data to ensure the highest level customs compliance.

The TradeSmartWeb eManifest portal helps navigate through the regulatory landscape of customs compliance with 24 x 7 customer support team available via phone or email to answer questions about regulations affecting the movement of your cargo.

Consider TradeSmartWeb eManifest as an extension of your business, to add to the implementation of a sound strategy to increase efficiency in operations, lower costs and gain visibility of cargo movements across borders giving your company a competitive edge to compete globally.

Features of the TSW eManifest portal
    An online account which stores all your drivers, tractors, trailers, consignees/shippers as well as previous trip and shipment details.

    Enhanced features on the web account are available to ease data;

  • Creating trip templates for drivers which store the tractor, trailer and driver details for quicker eManifest creation.
  • Email alerts for responses received from Canada Customs can be communicated directly to the driver to ensure smooth and seamless border crossings.
    The TradeSmartWeb eManifest portal also offers data integration that can seamlessly transfer manifest submissions and responses from in-house systems and submit directly to Canada Customs.
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